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Gas integrated and automated network technology

The GIANT project developed by AUTOMA opens us an innovative solution to today’s main problems related to the functioning of gas distribution networks: environmental, operational/financial and safety.
This is possible thanks to the integration, in a single platform, of:

  • Remote monitoring devices for the collection data from the field;
  • Remote control devices for the execution of corrective actions;
  • A centralized software for data analysis and correlation, in order to set smart system regulations.

In a nutshell, dynamic and remote regulation make GIANT an ideal system to optimize the usage of any resource, either pressure, odorant or energy. Thus, it guarantees the minimum safety and operational levels: of pressure, avoiding unnecessary overpressure conditions, of electrical energy for cathodic protection rectifiers, granting anyway effective cathodic protections, and of odorant to smell natural gas, avoiding unnecessary overdosing and increasing overall safety. Plus, continuous and accurate remote monitoring of field conditions and abnormal events allow immediate corrective actions.


Lower methane emissions, overall energy consumption
and odorant reduction


Higher safety and quality standards, outages reduction,
operational cost savings

Make your gas network smart

GIANT is made up of a single platform consisting of:

  • A hardware part, that is one or more connected devices installed on the field;
  • A software based on the data collected by the devices on the field.

Through the GIANT project, AUTOMA aims to develop a smart innovative distribution network fully automated by means of an intelligent digital solution for gas networks, making it possible for the hardware and the software parts to communicate with each other.

GOLEM, for the remote monitoring and control, as well as automatic regulation of pressure regulators in gas reduction.

The operating context of reference is that of complex distribution networks, whether urban or rural, in which operational upgrades of each GRF is subject to continuous monitoring and regulation, not only with the alternation of seasonal periods but also as a result of changes in the operating conditions of the network itself. The technology proposed by AUTOMA for the remote monitoring and control of the network is based on devices, datalogger and RTU, of the GOLIAH family (GxP), while for the dynamic regulation AUTOMA proposes the GOLEM technology. These technologies are then managed by the WebProCat software. 

SPECTRA, for the remote monitoring and in-line measurement of odorant concentration in natural gas, as well as the automatic regulation of their injection. 

SPECTRA is the solution designed by AUTOMA that allows in-line measurements of the concentration of odorant in natural gases, such as TBM and THT, as well as the concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benzene or toluene and other molecules. The measurement is carried out through a spectral analysis of the gas injected into a flow cell through a system of solenoid valves and pipes. This innovative measurement technique allows on-site installation and fully automatic operation, enabling continuous and timely monitoring of abnormal events occurring in the distribution network. 

GOLIAH devices, for the remote monitoring and control of the cathodic protection, and continuous verification of its effectiveness in rectifiers, drainages, railway crossings and characteristic measuring points. 

The technology proposed by AUTOMA for the remote monitoring and control of the cathodic protection is based on the devices, dataloggers and RTU of the GOLIAH family (GxC and GxO). These devices implement the most modern techniques of measurement of IRFree potential on coupons to ensure a continuous detailed verification of the effectiveness of cathodic protection, as required by the international standard ISO 15589-1
Various solutions are provided for the remote control according to the interfaces provided by the cathodic protection rectifiers. These technologies are then managed by the WebProCat software. 

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