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GIANT project: together towards digitalization

GIANT project: together towards digitalization
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GIANT project by AUTOMA: Gas Integrated and Automated Network Technology

Digitization is a disruptive process that is changing the entire production system, and at the same time our society and our lives. Digitization is interconnectivity, automation, real-time data collection. It is smart digital technology, machine learning, big data. The interpenetration between these elements allows companies to improve their systems and decisions, helping to make operations more efficient and profitable.

It is in this context that AUTOMA presents the GIANT project (Gas Integrated and Automated Network Technology). Specifically, in the field of gas distribution networks, this project aims at the development of an efficient, totally smart and automated network through intelligent remote monitoring.

In fact, this project stems from AUTOMA‘s awareness that the digitization of processes is increasingly becoming an essential factor to be competitive and successful in the sector of belonging, including the Oil & Gas one.

The project

The GIANT project developed by AUTOMA opens us an innovative solution to today’s main problems related to the functioning of gas distribution networks: environmental, operational/financial and safety.

This is possible thanks to the integration, in a single platform, of:

  • Remote monitoring devices for the collection data from the field;
  • Remote control devices for the execution of corrective actions;
  • A centralized software for data analysis and correlation, in order to set smart system regulations.

In a nutshell, dynamic and remote regulation make GIANT an ideal system to optimize the usage of any resource, either pressure, odorant or energy. Thus, it guarantees the minimum safety and operational levels in terms of:

  • Pressure regulation, avoiding unnecessary overpressure conditions;
  • Electrical energy for cathodic protection rectifiers, still granting effective cathodic protections;
  • Injection of odorant into natural gas, thus avoiding unnecessary overdosing and increasing overall safety.

Plus, continuous and accurate remote monitoring of field conditions and abnormal events allow immediate corrective actions.

Main benefits

The main benefits related to the GIANT project are:

  • DIGITALIZATION, in terms of acceleration of the digital and technological transformation process both on the Asset Management side and on the operational efficiency side.
  • SECURITY, as the possibility to intervene remotely in case of alarms allows the immediacy of action in total safety.
  • REDUCTIONS IN GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS, due to the fact that dynamic regulation (modulation) involves a general reduction in pressure, and therefore a reduction in the volume of natural gas dispersed into the atmosphere in the form of leaks.
  • OPERATIONAL, linked to the possibility of remote intervention and the reduction of asset management costs.

Therefore, the GIANT project generates sustainable returns in the short and long term, in line with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) issues that are a key component of AUTOMA‘s client investment processes.

Technical solution

The GIANT project is based on the GOLIAH® solution that integrates the management of pressures, odorants and cathodic protection in a single platform. This consists of a tangible part, made up of dataloggers installed in the field and devices for remote regulation, and an intangible part consisting of a software that follows a true data driven approach. This translates into corrective actions (regulation) based on actual measurements collected from the field (monitoring).

The technology proposed by AUTOMA for remote monitoring and remote control is based on the devices, data loggers and RTUs, of the GOLIAH® family. Together, these tools allow to have the necessary data to determine the appropriate corrective actions. Specifically:

  • GxC for monitoring the effectiveness of cathodic protection, remote control and regulation of the current supplied by cathodic protection rectifiers and monitoring of IRfree potentials at characteristic points in the network;
  • GxP for dynamic regulation of network pressure, remote control of Final Reduction Groups and remote monitoring of network termination points;
  • SPECTRA for remote control of odorant injection systems and on-line monitoring of odorant levels in the network.

The collected data from the devices installed in the field, are then managed by the WebProCat software made by AUTOMA that incorporates specific functions for dynamic settings. The consequent corrective action is carried out with the patented technology GOLEM by AUTOMA that allows the remote setting of the reduction units, as well as with the interfaces integrated with the GOLIAH® devices for the remote control of the injection systems and the cathodic protection rectifiers.

As the complexity of managed systems and implemented functionalities increases, it may even become necessary to introduce a logic based on neural algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

Get to know the project!

To know the GIANT project in more detail, please visit the dedicated page. In addition, you can contact our commercial team to request more information.


Andrea Giorgetti

Project Manager


Stefano Menghini

Sales & Marketing Director

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